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Progressive Global Block Party
Tapena Spanish Wines - Tapas Wine PartyPut an international twist on your entertaining with a progressive block party. The Spanish have made bar-hopping famous with their tapeos, leisurely gastronomic strolls that take them to a variety of bars and restaurants for food and drinks over the course of an evening. Bring this concept home to your neighborhood. Encourage each of your neighbors to prepare a unique tapas dish and turn their home into a distinct cultural center for one magical evening. Promenade from home to home and bring Tapeña along for the journey. This gathering will put the pub-crawl to shame.

A Gathering with a Spanish Flair
If the Block Party's not your style, here's another idea that will bring lively Spanish flavor to your get-together. Encourage your friends to bring their favorite dish to share at the fiesta and keep the celebrations under one roof for the evening. No party is complete without libations, and the wines of Tapeña pair perfectly with everything from baked sweet potatoes to succulent honey-baked ham. The best part about hosting a tapas party is that everyone brings a dish to share, so food preparation is minimized and doing the dishes afterwards becomes a virtual non-factor. Visit our tapa recipes page for great recipe ideas.


Spanish Food Recipes and Tapas
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