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The Art of Piropo

Spanish wine and recipesAhh...the art of Piropo. But what is a Piropo? Translated literally, a Piropo is a "flirtatious or poetic compliment to a woman". But don't be mistaken - a Piropo is more than a pick-up line. Rather, it is a cleverly rendered compliment that, when delivered properly, will cause eye lashes to flutter rather than eyes to roll.

Poorly constructed Piropos are obvious and show no real effort. For instance, the word Piropo combines the Greek words for fire (pur) with eyes (oops). An uncreative individual might deliver the line "don't get too close to me, I don't have fire insurance".

Piropos are meant to be clever and unique, with the intended purpose of voicing appreciation for feminine beauty, rather than hoping for a date. Below are some examples of true Piropos. If you have any of your own Piropos, send them to us and we may post them as well.

"If beauty were a sin, you'd never be forgiven."
"I'm now sure there is a heaven because I've seen an angel."
"You move like the Bolshoi Ballet"
"I must be asleep to dream of such beauty."
"Where you go, flowers must spring up."
"So many curves, and me without brakes."


Congratulations to Andy Brown of San Francisco, CA, the winner of Tapena's Piropo Date my Friend Contest.

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