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Vineyards in Spain

Spanish vineyards have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, as a new generation of winegrowers nurture grapes with lush, fruit-forward characteristics. Regions like Penedés, Priorat and Tierra de Castilla are at the forefront of this delicious evolution, offering quality wines for an exceptional value. Long known for earth-driven Riojas and classic Spanish Sherry, the new style of wine from Spain is especially exciting, as the country’s warm and sunny Mediterranean climate and mountainous landscape cries out for the cultivation of winegrapes. As a result, Spain has more land devoted to vineyards than any other country and ranks among the top three wine producers in the world.


Tierra de Castilla Wine RegionSpain Wine Regions

As we set out to make contemporary, aggressively priced, signature wines from Spain, Tierra de Castilla was the region that first came to mind. Untethered by the highly regulated Denominación de Origen (DO) system, Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla are allowed more flexible vineyard management, vinification and aging techniques with more “approved” varietals.


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Spanish Winemaking and Vineyards
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